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Outback Overnight Journeys

Outback Overnight is the trading name for Hopair Pty Ltd, which is owned by Hew Mills and operates under an Air Operators Certificate owned by R-MACH Aviation. The business was established in 2013 with the specific purpose of providing pleasure and business guests with convenient access to the Australian Outback, hence the name Outback Overnight Journeys.

Itineraries and destinations have expanded since then, to include the many popular destinations of this beautiful region, including the Great Barrier Reef with its tropical islands, ancient rainforest and historic townships.

Our mission is to provide time poor guests with access to remote locations and dream destinations. Flights are exclusive and commentary can be provided by your personal pilot. Outback Overnight Journeys operates 365 days a year and thanks to its twin engine plane, can fly in poor weather and at night (to any airport with lights).

All Outback Overnight Journeys flights leave from Cairns’ General Aviation terminal. Passengers are provided with a light refreshment pack and active noise reduction headsets, which allow for easy conversation with fellow passengers and the pilot.

Your Pilot and Host: Hew Mills

Hew Mills is an experienced pilot who has been flying for over 40 years. He has a Commercial Pilot’s License, with qualifications in aerobatics and formation flying (although that is not a part of the Outback Overnight Journeys repertoire).

As a former sheep and cattle station owner, Hew is familiar with the people and places of the Australian Outback. This is a wide open land, criss crossed with mighty rivers and vast plains, populated with big-hearted people. He has flown extensively over the interior and discovered many hidden treasures, some of which can only be seen from above.

Hew started Overnight Outback Journeys as a way to share these special places with people who do not have the time (or willingness), to endure long days driving, on often poor roads, to reach remote locations. Hew is the owner and operator of the business. He is your pilot and most knowledgeable host on your journey of discovery.

Your Plane: Cessna 337

Outback Overnight Journeys uses a Cessna 337 as its plane of choice. This unique, twin engine aircraft has unmatched visibility and offers unrivalled flexibility in regards to itinerary. This plane caters equally well to business and pleasure guests. It provides everything from a scenic day tour to the reef or rainforest, to an outback charter or, of course, an overnight adventure.

Unique to this twin engine aircraft is the uninterrupted view it provides all occupants. There is no bulky engine on a wing getting in the way of your photos. The aircraft is fully equipped for instrument flight with a fully certified GPS, storm scope, auto-pilot and other instruments to allow your pilot to conduct flights to the safest standard.

The Cessna 337 was purchased in Dallas USA in 2012. Hew flew it across the USA’s west coast, before shipping it to Australia.

Basic Statistics

Seats Fuel Burn Payload with full fuel 660nm (excluding pilot)
6 (5 passengers) 83 lit/hour 320kg
Cruise Speed Range Payload with standard fuel, 470nm
(excluding pilot)
155kts 660 nm (1200 km) with charter reserves 420kg
Fuel Capacity Safe Endurance
458 lit 4 hrs 20 minutes with charter reserves.
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